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Enemy Territory

Being an occasional rambling article from the mind of Stewart Wilson


The Disclaimer

Yes, this list has a disclaimer. If you're wondering why it needs it then you have obviously never seen me in full rant. This list is meant for people that are mature enough to understand and appreciate my usage of foul language, and yet immature enough to find it funny. A sense of humour is also required, as is a lack of offence when I appear to insult you. Because that happens fairly often. This list will also see a fair bit of insanity and heavily opinionated posts. If these offend you, might I remind you that you do not have to subscribe to this list. And if you think I'm picking on the Americans, the Australians or whatever people, gender, religion or otherwise I am yelling at in the latest post, then just wait. I have to insult things one at a time.

And if after reading that, you think that the list might not be quite what you want to read over your afternoon tea: Fuck you. We don't need people that can't stand to see the world as it is. Hell, I only wrote this thing so that people couldn't sue me or whatever.