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Enemy Territory

Being an occasional rambling article from the mind of Stewart Wilson


What is Enemy Territory?

As of Thursday the 28th of June, 2001, I'm flying to Germany to begin my work placement. 14 months of work placement. Obviously, I have a web connection, however there are many people that I will not be able to keep in touch with thanks to the time zone I will be in and the hours I will be working. So, I have started Enemy Territory. It's an e-mail list by which I will be able to keep in touch with people that want to hear from me.

This is an announcement list, so there won't be any long running threads. Just be glad I'm sending it out. What it will be is rants and articles and occasionally me making the odd bit of sense about the state of my life and my views on the world. In effect, my own online newspaper column. It's a way for me to let the world know I'm still alive and looking to kick it in the bollocks

What I send out will not be regular. Hell, every couple of weeks is probably pushing it. But you will get meat in each post. No knives and forks, you just have to bite down and gnaw at the worm-ridden mess of society until you find the Truth, kicking and screaming and looking for a way out.