Name Paul Ferens / Digital Raven Tradition Virtual Adept (also Corax kin)
Origin England Nature Autist / Caregiver
Age 19 Demeanor Deviant / Hacker
Concept Hacker / Student runaway Essence Dynamic
Description He stands just shy of six feet two, but seems just over an inch taller due to the combat boots upon his feet. His form clad almost totally in black, from his slightly-faded jeans to his shirt, a cheap, well worn thing that seems to fit him like a glove. His exact build is hidden slightly by his chosen clothing, but also by the dark blue greatcoat he tends to wear, extending on him to slightly below his knees. His face, showing him to be in his late teens, seems to fit his general lanky look. Well defined cheekbones stand out slightly under green-brown eyes, and eye-length, black hair is gelled back against the top of his head, out of his eyes. Over his right shoulder is slung a black Cat backpack, with various designs and icons scrawled over it in chalk. In addition to the sunglasses about his neck, that he wears, he also sports a dull-silvery box at his hip and a raven's-head necklace resting against the front of his shirt.
Background see "History" Birthplace Hull Royal Infirmary, Hull, East Yorkshire, England.
Strength Charisma Perception
Dexterity Manipulation Intelligence
Stamina Appearance Wits
Alertness Animal Ken Academics
Athletics Drive Computer
Awareness Etiquette Enigmas
Brawl Firearms Investigation
Dodge Leadership Law
Empathy Melee Linguistics
Expression Performance Lore
Intimidation Stealth Medicine
Streetwise Survival Politics
Subterfuge Technology Science
Merits/Flaws Backgrounds  
Computer Apt Allies Arete
Corax Kin Arcane
Curious Avatar  
Overconfident Destiny Willpower
Obsession (shinys) Totem
Correspondence Life Prime
Entropy Matter Spirit
Forces Mind Time
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