Character Profiles

Chris Mitchell, "Truth in Daylight

Born in the slums of Liverpool, Chris Mitchell was constantly bullied as a child for his weak stature compared to the other kids in the area. His parents refused to believe him, and thought him to be making up stories with which to get their attention. Not caring for this, they ignored him. His cries for help turned into cries for attention from a father that drank too much, and a mother that was losing her grip on reality.

At the tender age of eight, his father finally grew tired of what he viewed as mindless time-wasting on Chris' part, and hit him. Again and gain the blows rained down on him. In the hospital with an arm broken in two places and a busted rib, his parents claimed he had fallen down the stairs. For the next five years, he appeared to be the most accident-prone child in his area. Even when his father wasn't home, his mother would lash out at him for no reason, and the children that he knew delighted in playing games like "See how many of Chris' teeth you an kick out".

Leaving home at 13, Chris had suffered a grand total of ten separate breaks in his arms, five fractures and breaks in his legs, and more smashed ribs than he could count. Living with other desperate squatters, he attempted to take his own life several times, always with a switchblade to his wrists.

By the time he was 15, he was a heavy smoker, and cared little for life. Changing into a raven certainly didn't help his mental state. Alex Richardson, the Corax known as Truth in Daylight, answered the call of his hatching Spirit Egg and tried to help Chris through his traumatic time. Unfortunately, two weeks after showing him the location of the local Sept, Alex was killed in unknown circumstances. The Sept decided to honor Alex' memory by passing his deed-name on to Chris, whether he wanted it or not.

Not entirely happy with the whole situation, he was taken under the wing of a local Glass Walker, who saw something in him that the others didn't. They became fast friends, with the Walker even offering Chris a new home, and protection from his parents. A mere four months later, Chris and Sam Munroe, the Walker in question were tracking a Wyrm-tainted company's encroachment into some of Sam's local interests. They were found out and captured.  Falling under the influence of a powerful Wyrm-tainted mage without even knowing it, Chris simply watched as Sam was taunted and tortured, and finally Turned to the cause of the Wyrm. Chris was released and hurried back to inform the Sept. This was quite possibly the worst move he could make. Upon hearing of his inaction, the Sept attacked him, and he fled to the Umbra.

Flying as far and as high as he could, he saw some of the vistas of the spirit-world and decided that if he could not find protection on Earth, he would simply fly, trying to escape the world. Finally dragging himself back to Earth, he found himself in the Kansas City.

Befriended by some of the Corax there, he started to come to terms with what happened. Unfortunately, as his life is wont to do, it all went to hell. Betrayed by a Garou who he thought was his friend, Chris took the only option as it seemed to him. He ran, living on the streets and somehow avoiding flying off for good into the Umbra. Staying at a shelter, he slowly tried to rationalise what had happened. Becoming rather too cynical for his own good, he decided that he must have been cursed by something, and that the gift that Raven had given him was his only means to atone.

Watching the seedier side of the city, he saw pushers, whores and rapists doing what they did best. Knowing that he hadn't the power to intervene in most cases, he saved himself for the really deserving times. When a new drug smacking of more Wyrm-taint than normal started hitting the streets, he realised that one bird wasn't going to solve the problem. A pack of Silver Fang Garou agreed to head into the city and investigate the case. Not long after, someone started killing street-people in a ritual fashion. The cops couldn't give a damn, and it was only because Chris could fly that he found out about it. Attempting to stop whatever was going on, he started to drag the bodies back to an abandoned appartment block in the worst slum of the city, where nobody would complain about the stench. Though they had been killed, the bodies had been tied off to prevent blood loss, and Chris undid the bindings. So it was that another Corax, Elisa Asparsa found him, beaten into a coma and covered in dried blood.