Character Profiles


Born a raven in Hull's Queens Gardens park, he lived untill his second summer as a raven. His missing real parents showed up shortly after his First Change and clued him up on who he is and who he will be. He took the name "Wyldcard" as it was a word he had heard humans use and liked.

Having spent his first two years based out of Hull, he decided to remain there for the time being. Drawn into adventures with both other Bete, most notably the Corax of York and London and Fianna Garou, he swiftly learned that he was a "weirdness magnet". In the two years he remained in the country full time, he faced many different spirits, Vampires, and on one foray into York with only one person's companionship, what looked to be a demon. During one period of this time he was involved romantically with Katherine Argent, but scant weeks before the Demon incident she vanished after a disagreement. Shortly after, he made Neocornix. Those years did change him, and he believed that the best place to go to for answers for the multitude of questions he had would be New York City.

In New York he seemed only to attract more attention from the Shadow World. Occasionally assisting the Sept of the Green got him into more trouble that he asked for or wanted, and the growing number of Leeches in the area made him less and less comfortable. Two years after arriving, he decided to leave. Before he could go, a Volucris in the area granted him Helios' Mark, with severe warnings about the possible consequences. Paying them little heed at the time, he set off for Kansas City.

Barely weeks after arriving in Kansas City, Wyld was drawn to an old cemetery, where a ghost informed him of what it had seen. Apparently a pharmaceuticals firm was somehow binding bad spirits that the ghost referred to as 'like Spectres' into medication. Foolishly, he tried to stop them on his own. He was lucky enough to do so, and even luckier to survive, but survive he did. Resolving not to play such dangerous odds on his own, he returned to the ghost and demanded is payment: Information about the Restless Dead. He managed to survive several months just watching the city, before travelling to London on a hunch.

In London, a group of leeches had been raging unchecked through the city. Offering his services as a child of Helios to a pack of Glass Walkers in the city, they did not believe his tales. Only once he had provided proof of their existence by tricking one into attempting to feed on one of the Walker's Kinfolk did they believe him, and tear through the leeches. Remaining in the city, he learned much about the ins and outs of city life, and investigations of his into a society called the Arcanum brought them to the attention of the city's Corax population. For this, and other information he had imparted, he was awarded the rank of Ales.

Returning to Kansas City, and acting as one of the highest ranking Corax in the area, he spent a lot of time watching the Sept of the Silver Moon. During that time, he became known as a watcher, and a good point of contact for other Corax. His mental state being a roller-coaster at times, he became known for mild manic depression and an armour piercing wit, as well as an ability to defuse tense situations if it was needed. Unfortunately, when one of the Corax he considered to be 'under his care' lost the sun, he sank into a deeper depression. Though some of the Garou he considered allies attempted to bring him out of himself, he still took on self-destructive missions in the city, taking needless risks just for the hell of it. Dragged form this state by the constant needling of other Corax, he finally relented. In order to avoid the same happening again, the kinfolk shaman Saskia Ivierska adopted him as a brother in order that she could keep tabs on him.

Recovering from his mood swings for a while, he settled into a semi-routine life of watching the Caern and the city for whatever he could see. For several months this was enough, but when he heard a call from (he thought) an Avatar of Raven, he had to follow if only to see why he was being called. Unfortunately, it wasn't Raven that had called him. A corrupted Raven-spirit had fallen into service of the Nameless Angel and was trying to corrupt him to the side of Despair. Whilst it almost succeeded, a rescue mission lead by several of the city's Corax managed to find him in time and drag him from it's clutches. The spirit, however, remains still at large.

Deciding once and for all to do something about his mental state, Wyld set off on an arduous quest to the Aetherial Realm, there to converse with Helios and try to purge his mind of the depression. It took time and serious persistence to complete the quest, but in the end he was healed. Resting back in Kansas, where he had set up a nest, all was well. For a time. Unfortunately, the Garou in the area were becoming less and less grateful of the information that the Corax brought them, seeing it as the Corax' job to tell everything that they knew. So, he left. Turning his back on the Caern and the other Corax, he flew to watch the city. Something inside his mind stopped him leaving totally, instead acting as a voice of wisdom and a ranking member of the Breed when such things were needed. Another reason he could not leave is that the bane-demon that he had faced in York resurfaced. With the help of his adopted sister, the Bane was beaten from his back. This finally tipped the scale for him, and he asked to be recognised by all Corax as Volucris. His days since then have been spent helping those that seek him, and watching parts of the city. He has recently taken to breaking a ring trying to smuggle dangerous occult items back to England, acquiring quite a stash of items that he is looking for a way to dispose of.