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52 HUMAN HANDS: Suitable for an urban-centered game. I could see an all Glass Walker/Bone Gnawer run game being pretty fun in this setting. A series of gristly murders are taking place in the subways of the city. A Garou who works on the local police force, or rides the subway as a vagabond finds the crime scenes to reek of The Wyrm, implying some Wyrmish presence is either there or was there recently and still lingers. Hand the PC's a subway map. If they question various transit police, conductors or homeless people, they'll find the aproximate time the murders took place (3:37am), and the sort of people that were on the train. Alot of red herrings here, but a common thread is red sweatshirts. They'll also find out that the police hastily wiped away something written in the blood of the victems. Jumbled phrases mostly, but one of them remember's a symbol and draws it out for them- A seven pronged shape. If the PCs put two and two togeather, they'll trace out on the subway map a 5 pronged figure, with almost the exact same proportions as the symbol drawn for them by the witness. They have two murders until the figure is complete. Now they have to track down the killer and figure out what they're doing and how The Wyrm is involved. This part is largely up to the PC, but they'll hopefully realize that a mortal cult is behind this. The owner of an antique store came across a large ancient dagger and then began communicating with a Wyrm creature, bound in the Subway by the city's old Garou, protected and hidden by a labyrinth of passages and tunnels. The mortal developed a cult following based on The Wyrm beast's hollow promises of power and immortality if it is liberated. The killings weaken the creatures mystical bindings, and if the PCs allow the next two murders to happen, the creature will be liberated and the entire city (including the PC's Sept) will be in danger.

53 VALUABLE COMMODITY: The PC's have a contact who informs them about a cargo ship being moored in a local harbor. Red tape prevents it from docking and unloading. However, the PC's find out that it is infact, loaded with migrants and refugees from another country who came seeking refuge and citizenship. The ship's crew have other plans, and a large underworld auction is being held- for 600 Mortal souls. Vampires, Demons, and Mages show up, as well as officials from Pentex, and other mortal agencies show up (Slave laborers, organs to harvest, people to trick out into prostitution). Everyone has a stake in the cargo- Sacrifices for a Wyrm ritual, blood for vampires, souls for Demons, test subjects for Mages... It's up to the Garou to deal with the events. This many people in the wrong hands could cause something horrible, or tip the balance of power in the city in The Wyrm's favor.

54 POMPEII 1: The PC's are invited by a prestigious Garou archaeologist to do some investigating on Pompeii's supernatural history. However, when they get to the gates of the ancient city, it turns out they've only been drafted to do manuel labor. While they work at night, they're free durring the day to do as they please. They revisit the site they're excavating and find it to be a lost Glass Walker Caern. They manage to locate a network of ancient tunnels that lead into the Caern's bawn. They find a recorded history of the Sept's alliance, betrayal, and battles with Rome's Ancient Vampires. The two banded togeather to fight off the other Garou weary of the more city minded creatures. Ultimately, while the Glass Walkers and Leeches were at eachother's throats, a band of Red Talons evoked Vesuvius's spirit and sent it to wreck Pompeii... However... Buried beneath a villa hidden by ash and dirt, in a vault lays a creature that died centuries before the city was erected, and still slumbers, waiting to awaken. Perhaps the PC's run across a Vampire who recalls some of what happened in Pompeii, louping about in the hills, but they find the spirits are very quiet about this particular event. -Stalks-the-Ice "Stalks the Ice-Clubs the Seal"

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83. GANGS OF NEW YORK: Historical story. Hope your players don't get out much and RIP OFF THE MOVIE! A bunch of Fianna, Bone Gnawers, and alot of other tribes in the mix come fresh off the boat to America and have to carve themselves a bloody niche to live in, by combating the xenophobic native Garou who want to drive them back to the sea. Mmm... Slum politics! -Stalks-the-Ice "Stalks the Ice-Clubs the Seal"

Bodie - 09/16/2003 23:23:13

Descent to Guilt

The Pack are formed (or discovered as pups) by a Caern, and the head Theurge (who has been on a dangerous mission into the heart of a Bane pit) is very friendly to them during their first days. When they get comfortable the Caern Leader (an Antagonist) returns, and is outraged at the inappropriate and unworthy young Garou, he sends them on a combat orientated mission which should be their deaths, but they survive.....just. When they return, the Leader is outraged, thinking he was rid of them, so he is about to send them on a harder mission, when the Head Theurge, thinking him out of line, challenges the leader for leadership of the Caern. In a great battle that decides the player’s fate, the Head Theurge slays the Old Leader Ahroun and becomes the Caern leader. Then more missions ensue, as the Head Theurge chooses the players as his active pack, they run errands for him, each progressively more unusual and questionable. Eventually (over months) the Caern weakens and on a moot it is attacked. The Head Theurge throws the Players onto a moon bridge as the Caern falls, and he stands off alone against a Great Bane (or a Nexus Crawler). The Players discover their Caern leader; the Head Theurge is alive but captured by the Wyrm, and go on a quest to rescue him, this time racing against the clock. When they finally confront him, he is very defiantly of the Wyrm, and reveals that he has been since the first dangerous mission into the Bane Pit (maybe he is just a shell hiding the bane, and able to hide his Wyrm taint), and he has caused the fall of the Caern, with the help of the players (their dodgy missions). He offers them the chance to join the Wyrm and a new life. If they refuse a great final battle ensues and if victorious the players are left in despair, they will probably wonder if they can trust again. Finally they wonder how to restore the Caern, and repay their debt.

But of course, that is a different story......

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