On the Trinity Universe forums, Adventure! co-developer Bruce Baugh mentioned that the magic system as presented in Sorcerer Revised slotted rather well into Adventure. So, after a bit of brainstorming, here's what we came up with. Credit to KnightvII for a lot of the mechanics and JasonK for ideas. All that is required is Adventure! (obviously), Sorcerer Revised and a copy of the difficulty conversion charts available here.

There is another kind of Inspired, one that Doctor Primoris and even the magnificent Maxwell Mercer have had no luck in identifying. When the waves of Telluric energy washed over the Earth as a result of Hammersmith's experiment, it awakened the natural abilities of some individuals. They gained the ability to punch through walls, or to cloud men's minds. Others seemed blessed by fate, good luck clinging to them just as bad luck cursed those arrayed against them. But there were others.

Hidden away in the rural parts of Britain, Europe and North America, shrouded in secrecy in the Orient, in ramshackle houses passed down through family lines for centuries, or discussed over luncheon by scholars of the tomes locked in the best section of restricted libraries, the truth came to light. There was magic in the world. The blasphemous rituals of backwoods families started to have an effect, summoning creatures from nobody knows where. If the right person were to read from The King In Yellow or the Necronomicon, they could glean power. This magic was not just for the students of the Western occult. Mystery cults formed all over the Orient, led by seers and alchemists. Some Arabs found themselves in the position of vizier after mimicking a ritual only to find that it worked. These individuals were Inspired, just like the Mesmerists, Daredevils and Stalwarts, but their lives had been touched by magic. These are the Mystics.

Conversion Rules

The Dynamic, Entropic and Static Resonance traits convert nicely to Intuitive, Destructive, and Reflective Facets of Inspiration. Optionally, whenever a Numinous Knack calls for the expenditure of Willpower, the Mystic can choose to spend a point of Inspiration instead. This is entirely at the Storyteller's discretion.

Mystics have their own kind of Knacks, called Numinous Knacks, that draw ambient Telluric energy through formalised rituals to create an effect that might as well be magic. Numinous knacks break the established rules when purchasing them. Each Numinous Knack can be bought up to five times, independent of each other (hence, one could have Alchemy 4 and Cursing 3), but a character can't have more levels in a Numinous Knack than she has points of Inspiration.

The first two times a Numinous Knack is bought, it counts as a Level 1 Knack. The third and fourth times said Knack is bought, it counts as a Level 2 Knack, and the fifth (and last) `level' of a Numinous Knack costs the same as a Level 3 Knack. As an example, to purchase Alchemy 3 costs 4 Transformation Points, whereas to purchase Alchemy 5 costs 9 Transformation Points.

All the rules from Sorcerer Revised apply unless contradicted above. Most notably, Inspiration can be seen as what Sorcerers call Mana with no real changes to the system. The Difficulty Conversion charts hyperlinked at the start of this page work can be applied to the Path write-ups right "out of the box"