Rage Across Siberia


This is the non-exclusive list of the topics that this project should be covering. It is a mutable document, anyone who can make a compelling argument for the addition of something relevant will see it added; these should ideally be addressed to Chris Campbell or myself. We are also the people to contact about writing a section. This list will be updated as soon as is possible with the names of writers for each section. A discussion forum for this project has been set up by the nice Ian Watson of WolfSpoor for writers to collaborate and brainstorm. A map of the region can be found here (~200K)

Entries in italic have already been taken. They are either already written or in the process of being so, with the writer's name noted by the entry. Underlined entries are entries with subdivisions which can each be taken by individual writers.

Changing Breeds: This section deliberately only lists those Breeds with a significant presence in the region. Arguments can be made for most Garou tribes, but if they have already been covered in the Tribebook or in a regional splat we don't have to cover them. At most, a few words can be spent on them in the "Everyone Else" section if there's something wonderful to add. People: The indigenous peoples of Siberia. Geography: These are the major geographical regions of Siberia. Only Siberskoye is what we really think of as Siberia. The others are border regions or coastal regions/peninsulae. Still, they do a lot to inform the goings on of Siberia, so they're worth discussing. Note that most of these areas aren't bitter wastelands that are colder than a witch's teat; they run the gamut from temperate to arctic, and should be handled accordingly. The Bad: General antagonist information. "General Weirdness" covers a grab bag of plot hooks not directly related to the other sections. No one person will be assigned, throw them at me as and when you have them.

History: Perhaps not as important as splats and geography, but worth covering nonetheless. A bit of real world history wouldn't hurt, but we're mostly interested in the history and interaction of the Changing Breeds (not to mention any other pesky local supernaturals). This section is up for grabs as a whole.

Spirit Matters: I'd like to see a discussion of local shamanism here (how exactly do people interact with the spirit world, and how does that shape the cultures of the Changing Breeds?) This section is up for grabs as a whole.

The Umbra: What's it like? How does it differ from the Umbra elsewhere, and how has the fall of the Shadow Curtain affected it? This section is up for grabs as a whole.

Totems: We can go nuts here. Examples include: