WraithPunk: An alternative setting for Wraith: the Oblivion

The sixth Great Maelstrom has been and gone. The lands of the dead lie in ruins. The world has moved on. For the living, technology has gone spiralling off. A person with a defective arm now has it replaced by metal and wires. The ruined world has brought about a new stage in human existence. Nippon now leads the world, with the FSA and Europe struggling to keep up. Morality has gone out of the window as everyone tries to keep up with the pace of life.

But for the Dead, things do not go so easily. The Iron Corporation rules the West, the Jade Concordat the East. Tensions are rife. The IC has managed to keep a hold of it's power, but the speedy growth of the Jade is not without notice. For those in the West, the time of Iron looks to be waning. In the East, old spirits war with the new to see who will control their Underworld. Though the appearance is of a monolithic system, it is a monolith fraught with cracks.

Oblivion's talons squeeze around the heart of the world. It pulls the strings, and the living dance to it's tune. It is time for the Dead to see that they can make a difference. They can make things right, though it may cost all of them their existences.

You're dead. Are you going to let that stop you?