Miscellaneous Writing

Below is a collection of my writing. This transcends genre boundaries, and in a couple of cases, even fiction/non-fiction. Unless marked otherwise, all work is creator-owned and copyright (c) 2001 Stewart Wilson. Permission is granted to copy these works for non-profit ventures as long as this notice is attached to the file and I am contacted beforehand. Reproduction of these materials in a for-profit format (including, but not limited to, magazines, CD-ROM and pay to view websites) is forbidden unless I am contacted beforehand to work out terms. If you like what you see, mail me.

The Werewolf Forum FAQ

Graduation Day - The full report on my graduation. Self serving, but I gives not the fucky.

Rage Across the Forum - What it'd be like if the cool people of the Werewolf forum got together to game..

Option X - Short stories set in the same universe, building into one story. Rather like comic books in prose. Issue hotlinks: #1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7

EliteMeet 2003 - The down and dirty report of what went on when I met up with MFP.

Return - A Mage meets with an old friend, but things have changed. Hosted at UnknownArmies.com

No Stereotype - After receiving one too many 'fat ugly gamer geek' comments online.

Thoughtstream - Where I go to when I write.

The Power of Three - An aborted idea for a series of short stories.

Life - The first of three short articles written in September, 2000. The others have been lost to time, but it was these that prompted me to start writing Enemy Territory.

A Modern Marlowe - An aside written whilst I was trying to make up time in an online Mage game.

Profile - The post I use on the semi-regular 'Who we are' threads on the White Wolf Forums.

Quotes - My repository of memorable quotes, which really needs updating.