Miscellaneous Writing

You can pick up even more glyphs than the ones in Silver Record by comparing similar passages in the glyph bits from the second ed. corebook and the various supplements. (Okay, I have waaaaaaaay too much time on my hands) I have a master sheet of about 60 extra ones besides the ones in Silver Record.

The "star' here more accurately matches with the vision glyph than star. The fangy bits on either side of the top glyph that you're comparing to the Silver Fangs glyph show up as 'mark' or 'remember'. It can also show up as a framing piece to note a name of a group. (liek with the fangs or their houses, as in 'remember our name') The glyph you're noting as vampire, is actually the one for End Times or Last days. The little bits you're showing from wilderness are sometimes used to mark children (note similarity to Children of Gaia). The bit you're showing as from honor, the swirly part alone, would be a flame. And the center bit there, full moon/ahroun.

So that first bit should probably read "Mark the star of the End Times" (ie the Red Star) or "see a sign of the end times" and the second group would be something about "children of the End Times mark the burning full moon"

The Weaver glyph in the middle is kind of odd. So give it a running go as "Mark the vision of the End Times of the Weaver. Children of the End Times, remember Luna's fire." fire of the full moon here likely being Rage.

At least its poetic. I make no great claims as to this being 100% accurate since the passage is reproduced awfully fuzzily.

It may just be pretty pictures afterall.