Miscellaneous Writing

Open your eyes. Just once in your lives, open your fucking eyes and see what a shithole of a society we are. Me, you, every fucker out there is as guilty as the next. But some are more guilty than others. What kind of mass-media, televised society are we turning into? What kind of fucked up mess of a person stands by when one human being starts hitting another? There's a charge in this country: Assault. Here's another one: Grievous Bodily Harm. Actual Bodily Harm, a third. Yet how many people, in seeing breaches of these fairly simple laws just stand and stare blankly on because that can't happen in their cotton-wool lined lives? Give me a fucking break.

Do I have a reason for writing this? Or is it yet more mindless rambling on the part of yr Corresp.? I have a reason. I believe in kindness towards your fellow man. You don't like that, fucking eat me. But when I walk around the centre of Hull and see a man repeatedly striking a woman, only one thought runs through my mind: Chase that fucker and run him to the ground. Out of two or three -hundred- people who see what's going on, hear the girl screaming as he pulls back hi hand, do you have any clue how many actually move to do anything better than get a better view? One. Me.

I almost didn't. I almost acted like the rest of the human sheep I was in the crowd with. My life like the rest of the people there, was wrapped in a nice thick layer of cotton wool, and I didn't want to interrupt, didn't want to make myself a target. But if life in this country has sapped my spirit, sapped the spirit of every other shit-stained human sheep watching one man carrying out the most basic breach of human rights upon one weaker than him, I ain't sure I want to live here any more. Somehow, I escaped. Yelling and screaming, I charged headlong at the teenaged clone, screaming my lungs out like I was on a bad acid trip. He ceased, desisted and ran. I didn't chase. The crowd almost accepted him as one of their own, but I was past caring. I went to check on the girl.

You know the part about all of this that makes me the most sick? That makes me most sure of the totally buggered-up state of the country? Not the fact that I was the only one to act. Not the fact the rest of the crown couldn't give a rat's ass about what was happening. Not even that a society had arisen where one man beating a girl in public is no longer cause for outcry, though that's close. It's the simple fact of what happened when I tried comforting the girl. The simple fact that she called me a string of names and slapped me for chasing her boyfriend away. Not even a hard slap. Barely any force behind it. But it hurt. More than any broken rib, or slashed arm could ever hope of doing. More than cold-turkey and withdrawal from half a dozen drugs of your choice. It hurt.

I don't expect sympathy. Fuck it, I don't -want- sympathy. I know that's what most people are going to think I'm after, but that just shows they haven't a clue. I don't want people to just read this and think "What the hell. Shit happens." What I want, and I know it's pretty pointless, is the chance that someone out there would have done the same. What I want is to shock some people into thinking., and defying what's seen as acceptable in situations like this. What I want is people to realise just how fucked-up a world such as this actually is, and to want to make it better. I know I can't be alone in this. But fucking hell, I know it feels like it right now. I hate you all.