Miscellaneous Writing

My name is Stewart. I am a gamer.

I am not what many people think of as a male gamer. I am not overweight, the longest I wear the same T-shirt is two days, and then only under a jumper. I know the meaning of the words 'shower', 'razor', and 'deodorant'. My t-shirts are simple black, without a fantasy or science fiction shirt in my collection. If one gets stained, I change it as soon as possible.

I don't wear glasses. I may work with computers, but my eyesight is within the range that does not need adjustment. I don't slavishly read series of fantasy novels such as 'Dragonlance' or 'Wheel of Time'. Whilst I may like anime, I do not think that it is the be-all and end-all. Though I have long hair, I wash it regularly. Personal hygiene is something I take seriously.

I do not stutter. I do not have a problem talking to people. Though I might seem somewhat anti-social or stand-offish, that is because I prefer to know more about whom I am talking to than because of any lack of social skills. I am well spoken and understand the concept of manners. Though I cannot claim to 'understand women', I believe that no man can. I can get along with women and men to an equal degree. I know what to say and when to say it. I have social skills.

I am not a Satanist. I do not worship the devil. While my beliefs are not those of mainstream Christianity, or any other kind of Christianity, I am not inherently 'evil'. I do not sacrifice people. I go out of my way to show the good side of human nature. I have considered my beliefs and am secure in them. I have no need to press them on other people.

I am not a 'goth'. I dress in black as it is utilitarian, and fits in anywhere. I am not drowning in angst or burning up with machismo. I believe that leather has its place in a wardrobe, but should not take it over. I know what a suit and tie are, and even own said items.

I do use a computer. I am practically addicted to computers. But that is because of my degree, and my ways of thinking. I work as a systems administrator, and I could have a lot worse job. I do not sit for hours and hours, squinting at a screen filled with internet porn. I do not play day after day's worth of mindless 'action' games. I do not get my rocks off over the latest software.

I do show some of the classic signs of being a stereotype. I have a large file of character sheets. I have a large amount of dice. I am online just about every night. I read what many would consider to be 'too much'. I prefer the abstract to the material. My kitchen has a pile of washing up waiting to be done.

On the other hand, I display the signs of being part of other stereotypes. I drink. I do go to the pub every Monday night for the pub quiz, which occasionally we win. I watch football (soccer, to Americans and other aliens), rugby and cricket. I listen to a fair bit of music. I do not spend every other night in a bar, trying to drown myself in a dream world made possible through alcohol. I tend to avoid getting too drunk at all. I am not a sports fanatic. I do not play loud rock and heavy metal music when others might not want me to. I have a social conscience.

I am a male gamer. But I am not a stereotype. Though I may be seen as 'other' by the mainstream, I can co-exist with it, and have done for a long time.

I am not a stereotype. And if you are prejudiced by me being a male gamer, perhaps you should look at yourself, rather than me, as the cause.