This Forum Is...

By Thingmaker

...a place where you can recieve genuine appreciation for
helping out a newbie. If they ask a question you know the
answer to, or have an opinion about, do chime in. You don't
have to be an old hand to post an answer that you know or
an opinion that you have considered. Be encouraging and
remember that an opinion is just an opinion.

...a place for friends who have never met one another - but
be sure to lable Off Topic threads as OT, since we are
meeting in a very, very public place.

...something which can be ignored if need be. The computer
in front of you has an "off" button. Trolls may be freely
ignored. When there's a skunk at the dinner table,
everybody knows it. Nobody wins a pissing contest with a
skunk. Be reassured that everybody else on the forum is
thinking the same thing you are and go on to something more
enjoyable (even if it's only a more enjoyable thread.)

...a veritable smorgasboard to pick and choose from. If
an "old hand" declines to answer an FAQ, then a newer
foromite will likely answer. Feast upon what you enjoy and
leave for others what they enjoy.

...a place to share ideas, questions, and stories

Enjoy it!