Collected Works

This is a collection of everything I've written so far. At present these are links to my Livejournal, where new fiction gets posted at a rate of about once a week.

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These links are categorised, grouping stories based on shared worlds. These are in the best order for reading through and having things make sense, thought it does leave the rest rather out of order. A chronological list of all fiction can be found here.

A group of stories set in the 80's with a heavy "secret history" element.
Cigarette Dawn
Novis Ordo
Old Shores
Waiting for Thunder

Jack Carter
One part eternal champion, one part British herald of the apocalypse.
Four Hours' Sleep
Bad Religion
Where The Streets Have No Name

Postmodern Icarus
The Man Who Wasn't
Heavy Metal Law

Strange Future
A series of stories concerning a possible future in the world of White Wolf's Mage: The Ascension. (not CC)
Strange Eden
Strange Haven
Strange Order

Fast Fiction Week
A week of short fiction. Every day a different genre, told in 200 words each.
Day 0 - Cyberpunk
Day 1 - Modern Fantasy
Day 2 - Modern Horror
Day 3 - Space War
Day 4 - Pulp Adventure
Day 5 - Crime Noir

Angel in Aspic
One More Time

Midnight White
I Met Myself Today at Tescos
God lay Dying
Memories of Summer Rain
Tales of the Unknown

Old Metal, New Minds
Reality's Reflection
Take Back Sideways
Little Roger Fights a Bear
Rossum's Universal Arts-and-Crafts
Time of Judgment
- Based on White Wolf's Werewolf: The Apocalypse (not CC)
All Available Light
All Tomorrows' Yesterdays
To Give Is Better
Synapsis Imperfectus
Community Spirit
Night Work
Solitaire's Journey
Strange Reunions
And Sometimes, We Forget
Midnight Radio
Never Alone