This section is mostly comprised of the pages from my old site, interspersed with newer information. All of the game-related details (except where mentioned) is the copyright of the owners of the game. I didn't make any of these games . Most of the games here (Vampire, Werewolf, Mage, Wraith, Changeling and Trinity) are Copyright (c) 2001 White Wolf Game Studios, so please don't mess with their legal system. The information in these pages is all my own work.

Rage Across Siberia - A work-in-progress fan-project by various members of the Werewolf forum.

100 Adventure Ideas - A collaborative effort of the Werewolf Forum to create one hundred adventures.

Premises for a Game Master - Rules I try to stick to whenever I run a roleplaying game.

Mystics! - Background and rules for using Sorcerer Revised as a source for Adventure!

Zurich Orbital - Background and rules for using the Zurich Orbital Data Haven in your Trinity games

Parasitic Extra-dimensional Entities - How the Technocratic Union may well see Changelings

Ceilican Revised - Chris Campbell's revision of the Fae-touched Bastet in the wake of the rewrite he gave the Breed in the Player's Guide to the Changing Breeds. Hosted with permission.

The New Technocracy - A different setup for the Technocratic Union

How to run a game and not suck - Something I came up with at work, when bored.

Wraith Government - An essay on what I view the Stygian Empire ending up as after the events detailed in 'Ends of Empire'.

The Digital Raven's Guide to Vampires - I don't like Vampire: The Masquerade. In fact, it would be fair to say that I pretty much hate it. So, these are my new rules for Vampires in the World of Darkness.

Character Histories - The histories of my favourite characters, some from online games, some table top.

Wraithpunk - Something I was fooling around with after a heavy night. The back cover blurb for a future project, taking Wraith: The Oblivion into the realm of cyberpunk.